Professional Lash Pillow Shelf Eyelash Extensions Pillow

I lager.

380 kr

266 kr

Features for Pillow:

1. Concave   Design--Scientifically Eyelash Extension Pillow designed to help correct spinal posture of the neck. 

on both sides, easy to prevent eyelashes and tools

2. Memory Foam Filling--Nonallergenic and nontoxic.

3. Included Detachable      Cover.

4.   Perfect Lash Pillow for Salon Chair,measure your chair,your clients will like the Soft and not too Stiff Pillows.

5. Size: About 50cm*20cm*12cm


Features for Pillow Shelf:

1. Material        Acrylic

2. Package    :     The cover protects against scratches and other damage, pls remove it before     assembly

3. How to Assemble        In order to facilitate transportation, we send   detached     acrylic board    ,    you need    assemble the shelf    according to our photo caption and video

4. About the Smell        All acrylic board to place a few days to maximize ventilation casual flavor

5.     Size    :     About     50cm*20cm*13cm