Eyelashes Cleaning Foam

I lager.
250 kr

175 kr

Product Features: Eyelash cleaning kit, bonus brush, needle-nosed kettle, make cleaning foam more convenient, gentle formula no irritation to your skin.

Usage: Squeeze some shampoo on the eyelash cleansing brush to apply on eyelid and eyelashes,Massage with a brush, the pointed kettle is filled with water, and the eyelids and eyelashes are rinsed clean. Product advantages Eyelash cleaning kit, use better effect, effectively clean eye shadow and eye oil.


 1.Do not use if you are oversensitive or allergic to this product; 

2. When cleaning the eyelashes with a brush, you need to let the eyelids relax and gently circle. 

3. In case of getting the product into the eyes, wash it off with running water.