Disposable Anti Static Rubber Latex Finger Cots 25 pcs

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45 kr

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Anti Static Finger Cots  100% Pure Natural Latex Powder-Free Finger Cot Work Gloves
Item name: non slip finger sleeve
Color: White
Ingredients: concentrated natural latex, no plasticizers, silicone-free, amide
Packing: 25pcs bag


1. Take eyelash discs, beads and so on, without leaving fingerprints and perspiration stains,prevent glue residue.1prevent grinding hand was sore, frayed.
2Hardwearing, with good finger protection,prevent grinding hand was sore, frayed.  
3. The counting money when distributing newspapers worn on the finger, the hand does not slip, good numbers, but not dirty hand.
4. Fingers, toes injured after bathing wear, prevent water from entering the wound infection.
5. When done manually worn on the hand, to prevent wear.
6. When writing with chalk on a blackboard in the thumb, index finger, middle finger wear, prevent chalk mill hand, is very suitable teacher.